Hotelbooking 1.0

Facilitates the booking and reservation processes for any hotels
1.0 (See all)

- Controls booking and reservations
- Can be configured to allow only paid reservations
- Can be configured to allow payment only at check-in
- Articles can be registered and sold to guests using the software
- Possible to add sold articles to guest’s room bill
- Prints check-in form as well as guest’s invoice at check out
- Only administrators with special passwords can check daily, monthly sales
- Reservation cancellation possible
- Data for each worker on the system saved
- Every single sale unit is accounted for
- Possible to use without a printer
- Customers’ data can be kept to be used in time of promotions
➢ This solution manages complete hotel bookings and reservations
➢ Combine with CodedSoftSol Gastro to manage breakfasts, restaurants, bars and snacks in
your hotel

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